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Helping Clients Understand the Process of Divorce

The The law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., advises clients on all aspects of the divorce, including parenting time, property division, alimony and child support. We provide dedicated representation at each stage of the process. Beginning with your initial consultation, we take the time to really learn about you, your family and your concerns for the future. Often, clients will experience undue stress and anxiety about divorce simply because they do not understand what to expect. After hearing your circumstances, attorney Klein will provide a clear explanation of the entire divorce process and how the law will affect your specific legal position. It is important to us that our clients fully understand the divorce laws relevant to their case. Armed with this essential knowledge, you will be in a better position to make informed legal decisions about your future. Mediation: Many couples who seek to obtain a divorce in our state, including those who live in Pasco County, must first attend mediation. There are varying mediation requirements in each jurisdiction, and sometimes mediation can be bypassed all together if the court determines a case warrants an emergency. When mediation becomes a factor in your case, our firm provides solid legal advice before your meeting and attends alongside you to ensure your rights are protected. Whatever issues cannot be resolved through mediation will be relegated to negotiations and if needed a trial. Trial: While not every divorce case will end up in court, our firm prepares each one as though it will. This not only places us in a better position should your case actually needs to go to court, but can help you obtain favorable results during the negotiation process as well. Divorce Representation Based on Experience and Integrity Our legal practice is based on integrity and obtaining positive results through ethical legal means. We will always provide clients with an honest assessment of their case, as well as potential outcomes and best options for moving forward. Since no two cases are alike, we will offer a highly customized legal strategy based on your specific needs and legal goals. Attorney Frank Klein is well known in our legal community for being an honest yet aggressive litigator. As an experienced trial lawyer, he has garnered respect from both clients and colleagues alike. Backed by more than 20 years of legal experience, he is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce law. Pasco County Divorce Mediation Lawyer Whether you have already been served with a divorce complaint or wish to initiate the process yourself, the Florida law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., is ready to help. Contact us at 727-849-2303 to speak with a qualified Port Richey divorce lawyer. Payment plans are available.     
Pasco County Divorce Attorney   Contact the law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., at 727-849-2303 to speak with a skilled New Port Richey family law attorney. We are ready to answer all of your family law questions and help you move forward. Payment plans are available.